About Scam Phones Hunter

Team collaboration

Our project has been founded in November 2017. The core of our team was created by fusing 2 website developers and online specialists. Both have huge experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript programming followed by online marketing skill. We established a strategic partnership with companies and freelancers.

Huge database

Data presented on our website comes from our research or via our upstream partner. In our databases, we have literally a tons of data for you, but we are serving you only useful ones. Please let us know if something is wrong on our website, we're always happy to hear from you! Please don't forget, that contributing on our website helps other people to identify caller's intent. Together, we can make the phone calling safe again.

Your privacy is important

When the things come to a privacy, we are very serious. If you don't want to have your data visible, please use the opt-out link.

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